How the pandemic has revolutionised attitudes towards cleaning

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    26 November 2020
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The cleanliness of work environments has never come under scrutiny more than it has in the past year.

The deep sanitisation of offices and workspaces has become a major focus for organisations since the onset of Covid 19 and cleaning professionals are justifiably seen as ‘essential workers’ in the fight against the pandemic.

At CSG, our specialist cleaning crews play a crucial role in combating germs throughout workplaces and are an increasingly valued part of an organisation’s safe and reliable day to day running.

As cleaning specialists our services have become entwined in our clients’ strategic vision to create the safest possible operating environments for their employees.

Our dedicated cleaning professionals have joined forces with our clients to position cleaning and disinfecting as top priorities. Our teams are now even more of a welcome presence in all workspaces as we form an integral part of the organisations’ wider team.

Stepping up to the challenge

Our staff have had to step up to challenges to meet higher standards of hygiene that is expected and required by our clients.

Viruses left on surfaces by unclean hands can infect you up to 24 hours later, therefore, new cleaning methodologies and approaches have had to be developed to ensure spotless workspaces.

Our reliable and highly experienced cleaning professionals offer our clients and their staff total peace of mind that they are operating safely.

Since the return to work mandate, CSG cleaners have fine-tuned their robust cleaning routines to ensure the highest standards of day to day cleaning of professional workplaces. As a team, we work closely with our clients to deliver robust risk assessments and specify requirements that are designed for infection control.

Some of the things we have implemented in the fight against Covid 19 include increasing our cleaning hours to fully sanitize high touch points and more frequent cleaning schedules.

From viricidal fogging, deep cleans, ongoing germ management, assessing frequent cleaning schedules and regular housekeeping to managing high touch point strategies and consumable stock control, we are here to guide and support.

2020 has certainly thrown new challenges our way, however, this has only served to strengthen our resolve to deliver excellence while ensuring our service remains efficient and cost effective.

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