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    17 February 2022
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Fascinating episode of Inside the Factory on the BBC last night at Numatic International – home of our hardest working machinery, the Henry vacuum.

See below some of the interesting facts about the home of the Henry that we learned:

  • Numatic is the biggest vacuum factory in the UK
  • 1.2 million vacuums are made every year by Numatic
  • They produce 5000 vacuums every day
  • Henry is made up of 32 different parts
  • A red Henry drum is produced every 55 seconds
  • The famous Henry face started by someone drawing a face on a vacuum cleaner at a trade show as a joke to draw people in – people loved it and the Henry face as we know it began
  • The wheels are made from recycled plastic
  • It takes less than a minute to put together the base including the casters, wheels, hubcaps, face, nose, bag and filter
  • The fan spins at 35,000 revolutions a minute, sucking in air at 90 miles per hour!
  • Henry has a 10 meter cable – great to get to those hard to reach places!
  • Henry has been in production for 40 years
  • Henry has his own wand, yes really – the tube that connects the brush and the hose
  • 90 miles of wands are produced every week
  • That small hole in the tube – this is a pressure release valve
  • It takes one hour and twenty minutes to make a Henry, twenty one individuals are involved to make him

Henry is such a vital part of our day to day work.   CSG are proud to support a UK based company such as Numatic.

If you want to watch, click here


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