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    25 May 2020
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CSG took part in Kindness at Work Challenge as part of Mental Health Awareness week

CSG took part in a Kindness Challenge as part of Mental Health Awareness week.  As part of this challenge, we spent time thinking about how to be kind to each other in the workplace and the benefits of being kind.

Below are some examples of how the CSG staff are kind to each other all year round:

– Offering a refill of coffee and tea

– Holding a door open

– Helping someone with a tricky problem

– Bringing in cakes 😊

– Giving thanks for help

– Offer to stay late to help a colleague

– Smile and say good morning to the postman and delivery drivers

– Take the time to really listen

– Encourage someone who is struggling

– Praise a colleague who has done a great job

This does not only apply to our office staff, our cleaning staff who are the backbone of our company are also kind to each other:

  • Covering shifts when staff off sick
  • Looking after other staff’s children so they can work
  • Helping with the workload if someone is struggling
  • Volunteering to help with a translation of a document
  • Encouragement and positivity to get through a shift


We also spent some time looking into the benefits of kindness at work and found that simple acts of kindness can bring some serious benefits to the workplace:

  • Increases energy levels
  • Increases positive perspectives
  • Increases well-being


Completing this activity has been very thought provoking and we are proud to say that CSG staff are kind to each other without prompting and that’s part of what makes CSG the company that it is.

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