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    11 June 2020
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A phased ‘return to work’ is on the horizon.  At CSG, we fully understand that cleaning professionals will play a crucial role in combating germs throughout workplaces when that time comes.  

Whether your workforce returns in Phase 1, 2, 3 or 4, disinfected work environments will be a key element of all organisations return to work operational strategies.  They must focus on mitigating the risk of a second wave of the coronavirus impacting lives and business later in the year.   

Pandemic or not, did you know that office desks can contain as much as 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat? 

Or that 98% of office workers will contract some form of contagious bug during their professional lives due to poor workplace sanitation? 

Statistics show that the average worker comes into contact with approx. 10 million bacteria every day and 80% of common infections are passed on by touch alone.  

Now let’s bring a highly infectious viruinto the mix scary. 

Is your office cleaning team ready for the new workplace cleaning regime? 

Office cleaning post-pandemic needs to up its game in order to satisfy the change in higher standards of hygiene that may be required.  Viruses left on surfaces by unclean hands can infect you up to 24 hours later, therefore, new cleaning methodologies and approaches are required to help bring workspaces back to life 

Cleaning specialists must help plan for this ‘new normal’ and support employers to build confidence for their teams that they are operating safely.

Standard cleaning services may no longer be fit for purposedepending on specific operations and transition strategies.  For example, busy offices may need to increase cleaning hours in order to focus on touch points and dedicate resource to more frequent cleaning schedules.  It will be vital that your cleaning team review your specific requirements, have the necessary skills, competencies and expertise to support these new working conditions.  CSG is more than ready to step up to the challenges that are presented and our team is working closely with our clients to deliver robust risk assessments and specify requirements that are designed for infection control. 

From viricidal fogging, deep cleans, ongoing germ managementassessing frequent cleaning schedules and regular housekeeping to managing high touch point strategies and consumable stock control, we are here to guide and support.   

Download our ‘post-pandemic’ Critical Sterile Guide below and please get in touch to book a no obligation consultation with our expert cleaning team today.


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