The Values of CSG

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    5 April 2021
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Our values provide us with the guiding principles that influence everything that we do.


Openness and Honesty

in our communications with staff and clients.

Having strong communication between our staff and clients is essential for us to provide a high quality cleaning service.   Our lines of communication are always open and our clients know that they can contact us at anytime to ask a question.  We provide communication logs on site to allow for communication between our cleaners and clients.  We have strong relationships with our clients and communication is at the heart of this.


in all financial aspects of our business.

All financial paperwork is completed in a timely manner and all information is accurate and honest.  We aim to produce straightforward and transparent documentation, for example our invoices contain only relevant information.

Superior Performance

through the training and development of our employees – our most valuable asset.

CSG would not exist if it was not for our fantastic team of staff.  From directors to cleaners and everyone in between, all our staff are valued and one way that we demonstrate this is by training and development.  All staff are trained regularly on a variety of areas including: practical aspects such as mopping, dusting, vacuuming and tool box talks on manual handling, safe use of chemicals, personal safety and hand washing correct technique.  We have found that staff who have been fully trained are happier in their job and provide a better service.


we continuously aim to achieve better performance.

Our high levels of cleaning supervision allow us to maintain and improve on our performance.  The supervisors play an important part in ensuring that our staff perform to the best of their abilities.  Regular building visits are carried out by supervisors to make sure that the buildings are looking great and to recognise if there are any training requirements.  Being proactive helps to maintain the high standard of cleaning that our clients inspect and allows us to spend time working on how to improve the performance.


and the flexibility to suit our clients changing needs.

We work with our clients to provide a service that matches their requirements.  Over the last year due to the pandemic we have adapted continually to incorporate new cleaning regimes, client closures, deep cleans, fogging and more.  We have strong relationships with our clients so that they feel comfortable coming to us with any queries and changes they may have.


by putting Health and Safety at the forefront of our work.

Health and safety underpins everything we do.  Our directors recently went on a health and safety course for senior management, managers have completed IOSH Working Safely and all our cleaners are trained in areas such as manual handling, slips trips fall and portable electrical appliances.  Staff practical training is based on our safe system of work and the Risk Assessments, Method Statements and COSHH Assessments are reviewed annually.  We actively encourage near miss reporting so that we can be proactive and prevent accidents from happening.


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