Time for your floors to get a Spring Clean!

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    15 March 2021
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Don't forget about your hard floors and carpets when it comes to spring cleaning!

Spring is on its way and it’s time to start thinking of giving your carpets and hard floors a freshen up.

There are many benefits to cleaning your carpets and hard floors:

  • Extends the life of the carpet and hard floors
    • Regular cleaning will remove any dust and dirt that has been imbedded and will improve the longevity of the flooring
  • Contributes to a healthier environment
    • Dust and allergens can be trapped in the fibres, cleaning your carpet improves the air quality as this removes
  • Removal of dirt and bacteria
    • The chemicals CSG use remove the dirt and bacteria that has built up over time
  • Reduce traffic lane effects
    • The busiest walkways can look worn but carpet cleaning can improve this
  • Enhance overall appearance of the room
    • By having a clean floor whether it be carpet or hard floor, this gives a great first impression – if you look after your floors, you must look after your customers

Our floor care specialist has many years experience with flooring and there is not often a floor he has not worked with.  He will ensure that your floor gets the right treatment depending on its type.

Regular floor care has many benefits, why not start with a deep clean this spring and then book in regular cleans moving forward.  Check out some of our testimonials from some customers who have experienced both one off and regular floor cleans.

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