Vacuum Cleaner Tips

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    30 April 2021
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The vacuum cleaner is an essential part of any cleaning regime and as such, it is important that we look after our vacuums.  CSG have some tips on how to get the best out of your vacuum cleaner:

  1. Whenever the vacuum is not in use, ensure that it is unplugged and the plug and cord are kept tidy
  2. Never drop your vacuum cleaner – this can cause internal damage that can be dangerous
  3. Do not vacuum up hard or sharp objects such as nails, screws, glass, etc.
  4. Never vacuum a wet surface – this can damage the motor and can put the user at risk for electrical shock
  5. Never pull a vacuum cleaner by its cord
  6. Do not allow the cord to get caught under a door, this can damage the cable and expose wires
  7. Follow manufacturer instructions on how to change bags, etc.
  8. Regular servicing and PAT testing will help keep the machine working well

By looking after your vacuum, it will help it last longer and provide a better clean.

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