What to think about when returning to the office

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    25 March 2021
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We have been working alongside clients during the pandemic and adapting to their requirements and as a result we have found that when returning to the office it is vital you think about the following:

Refresh Cleans

Buildings have been closed for many months and for many cleaning stopped altogether so now would be a good time to deep clean your building, focusing on touch points so that your employees feel confident they are returning to a hygienically clean workplace.

More Frequent Cleans

Create a safer work environment for your employees by implementing a more robust, frequent cleaning schedule.  Focusing on the daily cleaning of touch points, for example door handles, kitchen appliances, taps, etc.


Housekeeping staff can ensure your meeting rooms and welfare areas are kept clean during the busy daytime periods.  They can focus their efforts on areas of high use and by being visible, can help reassure your staff that they are working in a safe environment

Viricidal Fogging

When traditional cleaning cannot get to those hard to reach places, viricidal fogging can be used.  This enables the air and surfaces in a room to be disinfected automatically with the highest level of distinction, decontamination and outbreak control.


We provide the essential consumable items to ensure your workplace runs smoothly and stop your staff wasting time running to the supermarket


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